Battle Mat - Super-sized Mouse pad

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Battlestation Depot's Battle Mat - The Mousepad that aims to cover your entire desk.

The battle mat is designed by gamers who were tired of running out of mouse room when playing games with no where else to buy desk-sized mousepads.
OK, what size is it?
Measures 30" x 60" x .078"

Why would I want a mousepad covering my desk?
  • To keep your laptop or keyboard from hanging off the side of your every day mousepad.
  • Have a nice desk?  Protect your desk from gloop, jam, stains, scratches, and dings.
  • Ideal for gamers who play first person shooters at low mouse sensitivity.
  • Great for workshop areas where surfaces need to be protected from heavy tools and equipment.
  • Does not Fray.
  • High-density polyester fabric surface is comfortable on your arms and elbows.
  • Anti-slip natural rubber bottom.
  • Elbow cushion you didn't know you wanted.
  • Doesn't smell like rubber.
  • Durable cover.
  • Washable.
  • 360 no scopes without issue.
  • Will not try and install more RAM for you.
That's too big for me.
Use Scissors or an X-Acto knife to trim to your likings (at your own risk).

What if I spill something on it?
Blot with a damp towel or cloth and rub gently by using a mild cleaner such as shampoo.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your Battle Mat, you can return your order to us for a full refund (returns must show no sign of cosmetic wear, in the state you received, and in the original packaging).

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